Jump as long as you can to beat the clock at its own game ! Move quickly around with your extra jumps which reloads every time you're on a platform !

Post-Jam Update

Added gameplay features helped by jam's feedbacks:

  • Juicier !

New enemy ! THE JUMP GOBBER ! It has a voracious appetite for extra jumps.

New bonus ! It gives you one extra jump ! (You can't have more than 4 though)


A-D: Move
Space: Jump


Player controller: Tarodev Controller

Music: Digital Dilemma - VOiD1 Gaming (from Free Action Music Pack)

Development log


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Very fun; I like the gradual difficulty increase; it starts to get ridiculous around 50 seconds in


Thanks for playing ! I'm working on an update with fixes and new features since the jam I've made the game for is finished and the gradual difficulty will be improved !